Side-scrolling Zombie Kill & Defense “10 Miles To Safety”


A fun new game for my favorite zombie game

This is “10 miles to safety”

The hero aims to escape alone from the city where the zombie virus has spread and is flooded with infected people


It’s a survival life where you can get weapons and recovery items while fishing the houses along the way.

It seems to be a fairly common setting only here, but …

This game does not just defeat zombies, but also has a tower defense element that creates barricades at night to prevent zombies from invading.


Don’t just attack, protect!

Like this, “10 miles to safety” has three of my favorite zombie games.

・ Zombie subjugation

・ Catch a house and collect things

・ Build and protect yourself from zombies

In the past games, “7 Days to Die” was a masterpiece game that fulfilled these three things, but the graphics are also 3D and the architecture is quite powerful.

I could do anything, but it was a little difficult!

In contrast, this “10 miles to safety” is a very simple game design that scrolls sideways from a bird’s-eye view looking down from above while incorporating house fishing and building systems.

Today I would like to touch on the appeal of such “10 miles to safety”.

Game overview

“10 miles to safety” is an indie game that was just officially released on October 22nd and is available on Steam for 1320 yen.

Multiplayer for up to 4 players is possible, and in addition to friend match, member participation by the auto match function is also supported.

By the way, Remote Play Together is not supported, so if you want to play with your friends, you need to purchase the game.

Can you see Remote at a glance? It was a little disappointing because it was a screen called

Game story

The hero wakes up in a room in a clinic somewhere

Zombies are wandering outside, and at night, ferocious beast-shaped zombies attack.

Suddenly hear a radio “Our military is Come guy who is alive because it is safe!” Tells the

It’s dangerous, but I have no choice but to go. ..

Then embark on a journey through 10 miles to the military base.

The title is 10 miles to safety, isn’t it?

Make a barricade for the night

There is always a time bar at the top of the in-game screen 

While this gauge is yellow, there are only a few zombies that move slowly during the day, but when the gauge turns blue, it becomes a pitch-black night and a large number of special beast-shaped zombies come in.

Run towards the base during the day and create a camp to spend the night when it starts to get dark.

This dilemma of “I have to move toward the base crisis” but “I have to prepare for the night” is fun ~

While traveling during the day with my friends, I talked about “I think the work around here seems to be strong today, so why not make this a camp?”

After that, I wasn’t ready in time and it was really fun to make a small barricade while being sandwiched between two people in a narrow place.

And everyone silently makes a barricade.

I feel like I went camping

Abundant weapons

One of the fun things about this game is upgrading your weapons

As you move forward, the rank of weapons on the map will increase.

Hand gun → submachine gun → assault rifle

You can get stronger weapons like this

In the final phase, the flamethrower has a grenade launcher, and there is a lot of fun to wipe out zombies with a strong weapon.

I love flamethrowers!

Summary It was easy and I enjoyed it quite a lot!

10 miles is 16 kilometers, so I thought it was a game like running around the neighborhood, but that wasn’t the case at all.

After running through the city ​​for a while, it becomes a forest area, and after passing through it, there is a container area where you need to cross the river by boat, and the scale is “Isn’t this moving about 100km?” I was made to make a big trip


I was able to enjoy a very thrilling trip, such as annihilating many times when strong monsters appeared, discovering the arrangement of walls that use flamethrowers efficiently and getting excited.

Make a long vertical passage and burn while passing through it!

By the way, the play time when I cleared for the first time was 12 hours. It may take a little longer depending on the person because it was this that I played with 3 people and proceeded relatively quickly

If you do it tightly, it will end in a few times, but it was a volume that you can enjoy for a week or two

I was able to play longer than the image before playing

In terms of the degree of enthusiasts, 7 Days to Die was bigger, but the feeling of being able to play crisply was a very good impression, and it felt like friends who do not usually play architectural games are also enjoying it.

If you like zombies and tower defense, you should definitely check it out.

That’s all for today’s introduction of “Side-scrolling Zombie Kill & Defense” 10 Miles To Safety “”

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