Monsters’ youth romance game “Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp”


A very interesting new work has come out!

It’s a game where young people without a partner find their favorite opposite sex in a summer camp …

All the characters that appear are monsters such as witches and demons!

Monster-based love variety game!

No, it’s new!

I’ve always loved TV romance variety shows, and I’ve always checked “Ainori,” “coin toss,” and “Nainai’s matchmaking strategy.”

Isn’t it great to be able to play such a game with characters with attractive monster designs?

This is Mishra, a flame adventurer.

Kawai ~

As you can see in the screenshot above, there is a problem that it is not fully English and Japanese is not supported, but it is interesting as game news that such a game came out, so today “Summer of monsters” I would like to introduce “Camp Monster Camp”

Monster Prom 2: Overview of Monster Camp

“Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp” is a new release just released on October 23, and is sold on Steam for $12.(depends on country)

Even though it was just in the meantime and only English is supported, it has been highly evaluated on Steam.

I also check a lot of new works, but it is quite rare that most of them are popular with over 700 evaluations just released.

Even in the review section

・ Anyway, it’s interesting

・ It’s a new game

・ That child is cute!

There are a lot of acclaimed comments such as

I will explain the details after this, but anyway, the game content is the theme and it is pop and light ~

It’s a game that you can easily enjoy as you can imagine in the title image.

Game flow

The game starts with the protagonist signing up for a camping trip to make some memories in the dull summer and raising expectations.

Select your favorite character from there

Gender is not strictly defined, but you can choose either a masculine or feminine character.

After choosing a character, choose three pieces of baggage and Shuppatsu!

There is an introduction of the members participating in this camp trip on the bus

There are various people from witches to various demons and even robots.

First of all, we propose an ice break game (a simple game where people who meet for the first time get along) so that everyone can get to know each other.

There are various types, from those that are closer to the positive side to those that are closer to the negative side! Participants here will be interested in people who have similar hobbies

I fell in love with Robo, who wasn’t aiming at all

Arrive at camp

And we arrived at the camp!

For four weeks, participate in your favorite activities during the morning and noon phases and interact with the members you encounter.

When you go to the camp area, participate in activities and show off your skills …

Robo who was watching it talked to me

I’m happy, but … I’m not looking for …

Campfire at night

At night, everyone gathers in the square for a campfire time and chats.

Atmosphere like a summer event!

At camp time, you can see who is where, so sit next to your favorite child and join the conversation.

Let’s talk with Mishra!

Then, the conversation between the people there will start, and you will be asked for your opinion with two choices somewhere.

Depending on the answer, the favorability and status will rise and you will proceed to the next day

Aim for the final day while increasing the effectiveness of your favorite child by repeating this kind of exchange for several turns

This area is the flow of romance games that have been common for a long time.

Last day … Date invitation

And the last day we met. .. .. It’s an appealing time when everyone gathers in the square

Let’s attack your favorite child!

Delivery … This feeling!

Hmm! I was crushed

This was my first time playing, so my status was low and I couldn’t act according to each character’s taste, so I was shaken quickly.

Good atmosphere end roll

I couldn’t find the opposite sex partner I was looking for, but I enjoy the last night

In this way, the game ends while thinking “No, I’m glad I came to the camp.”

Memories of a summer. .. It’s a good thing

Multiplayer too!

Another feature of this game is that it supports multiplayer even though it is a romance game.

In the case of multiplayer, the game progresses while operating in order such as the action of player 1 and the action of player 2.

Also in PvP mode! ??

It seems that there is also a PvP mode in addition to this kind of turn-like alternating play, but how do you do that? ..

You can also use in-game voices, but there was also an item on whether to apply effects. ..

Maybe I’ll argue with each other. .. ??

I would like to make an official inquiry about this area, so please wait for a follow-up report at a later date.


I was able to enjoy the new monster love variety game like this.

You can choose from three game modes, from short to long, but you can choose from a simple game of about 30 minutes to a long game of about 90 minutes.

It’s not a romance game, so there’s probably no way to complete all the scenes, so I think it’s more like playing 23 times rather than playing for so many days.

Like “Let’s play this kind of game today!”

It was a work that I thought that it would be quite exciting when youth with friends who are close friends and feel like returning to a little younger age.

That’s all for today’s introduction of “Monsters’ Love Variety Monster Camp”

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