Must-see for Among us players! How to mute Discord voice channels by one command


Discord’s mute is a problem when playing with the spaceship Werewolves Among us.

I mute and turn on the microphone according to the activation of the discussion, but since it is an operation while playing the game, this will be a little troublesome

Furthermore, if you are playing on a smartphone, there is also a serious problem that the application will crash when you go to Discord in the background.

One week to face the mute problem …


 I found a good way to mute all members with a single copy and paste!

“Create a mute channel”

“Introduce a BOT that moves users on the channel with a single command”

By combining the two, you can manage the voices of members collectively by copying and pasting commands on one line.

Video of an example actually used ↓

You can move members in seconds like this and manage mute

With this method, only one person has to type this command, so it is OK for those who have two smartphones or PC play to operate it, and for others without touching it.


Really convenient!

Today, I would like to introduce such “a must-see for users! Discord mute batch management”

Things to use this time

These two are used this time

Creating a voice channel dedicated to mute

Introduction of BOT “Moveer”

Let’s do it in order

Creating a voice channel dedicated to mute

First of all, prepare a “voice channel dedicated to mute” in addition to the voice channel for normal conversation

・ Creating a voice channel

You can use any name you like

If you have no particular hope, let’s use the same name as the “mute channel” used in this example.

Inactive setting

And specify it as a hibernate channel from Discord’s server settings

Press the triangle button next to the name of Discord

Click “Server Settings” from the menu list that appears

Specify the target voice channel from the pause channel tab

This will force users who enter this channel to be muted while they are there.

Mute processing can also be done by manually moving members here, so if you want to prepare in a hurry for the time being , it is also ant to operate manually with the settings so far.

Among us, up to 10 players play the game, so it’s quite a short time to keep doing it manually, so if you have time, let’s automate from here


Until now, admins have been struggling with this move …

This is solved with the player move BOT “Moveer”

Introducing Moveer

Add “Moveer” to the server

First, add the Discord Bot “Moveer” to the server

↓ Access the official website and click invite
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Moveer allows you to move multiple users with commands!

Then, the screen for inserting BOT into the Discord channel will appear, so specify the channel you are looking for.

This will introduce “Moveer”

Create a chat to direct Mover

Moveer only accepts commands within its dedicated chat channel

Translate: Create a moveeradmin channel to type commands

Create a chat channel on Discord with the name “moveeradmin”

Commands written outside this channel are invalid, so setting permissions to access this channel can also be a measure to prevent command abuse.

Use the command fmove

All you have to do is enter the command used by Moveer here.

Moveer provides several move commands, but the fmove command, which moves all members on a specific channel at once, is convenient.

fmove command
!fmove (1) Channel before moving (2) Channel to move to

Move all members participating in that voice channel by writing a command in the form of

Command example

Let’s take a look at the actual command by taking the case of moving between the two channels “General” and “mutechannel” as an example.

・ When moving from General to mute channel

!fmove general mutechannel

・ When moving from the mute channel to General

!fmove mutechannel general


Let’s go back and forth between the two channels like this

All you have to do now is copy and paste this as the game progresses

How it works


It’s very easy ~

Treatment of the dead

You don’t want players who died in the middle of the game to talk to them during the discussion time, right?

If you want to mute the player separately from such channel movement, you can mute individually by right-clicking.

The target player will have a red mute mark, which will remain muted regardless of channel movement.

This also addresses the problem of the dead picking up the voice they said during the discussion.


The above is the procedure for Discord batch mute.

It’s easy to install and the commands are pretty easy to use, so it’s really recommended for Among us players.

I think that there are quite a lot of server administrators who are having trouble managing mute, so please tell the server administrator about this even if you do not manage mute yourself.

In the next issue, we will introduce “Creating a voice channel dedicated to in-posters” using the move function that specifies the job title.

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That’s all for today’s introduction to “Among us player must-see! How to mute Discord voice channels all at once”

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