Monster Sanctuary Strategy List of fellow monsters and abilities

Strategy information(EN)

Good evening. This time is also the strategy information of Monster Sanctuary

Indispensable for walking around the dungeon is the ability of fellow monsters.

This allows you to reach higher places where you can fly and to complete the road blockage.

I will introduce the abilities of such monsters

A flying monster that rides in a place that cannot be climbed by jumping

You can use flying monsters to get on a high foothold that you can’t jump

Winged or bird-like monsters generally have this ability

Advanced flying monsters that fly farther

As the stage progresses, scaffolding that can not be reached unless you can fly further will appear

This requires a monster with the ability “Advanced Flight”

Although it is said to be advanced, it is not difficult to obtain, so please look for this monster.

Swimming monster moving in the water

You need swimming ability to move freely in the water

You can swim with this carp, but you can get eggs while the story is in progress.

Screening of swimming monsters that move against the water

A “water stream” that can only travel in a certain direction will appear in the water

This is also a monster with advanced swimming and you can proceed ignoring the water flow

A fast-moving monster that goes beyond where the floor falls

On the cave stage, there is a long room where the scaffolding collapses when riding

This can be broken through by the high-speed movement of monsters with the “mount” ability.

This is often owned by monsters with horse-like eyes

Dark and invisible lighting

There are rare rooms in the dungeon that are dark and invisible.

It’s not that I can’t proceed because of my spirit, but it’s usually a set with thorns, so it’s safe to bring a monster with a light source.

Ice-like block crash

Unbreakable blocks like ice can be destroyed by monsters with the “crash” ability.

Monsters with crashes will also appear from the middle stage onwards, so it seems good to give up at first.

Press the switch with a stone Summon a rock

Use rock summons for gimmicks that can only be passed while pressing the switch

There is also a higher rock summon, and heavier switches are moved by rock summon.

Grab the hook

Where there is something like a claw on the top, you can use the grappling ability to fly the thread and climb like a rope.

Go beyond the invisible scaffolding Monsters that embody the invisible scaffolding

There is a place surrounded by a transparent dotted line during the game

This is an invisible scaffold that can be ridden by monsters with the “Secret Vision” ability.

Monsters with this ability will come out quite late, so you can’t proceed until then.

Floating rocks that dismiss blocks blocking the road

Blocks blocking the road like this will pass by with the ability to float rocks

It is the ability of rare monsters such as Wertrak.

Blob foam through a narrow passage

There is a small gap road like this in the dungeon

This is a skill called blob form that transforms into slime and goes through

The blob form is an ability that only two types, Nijiiro blob and King blob, have, and you can finally take the additional story after clearing the main story to the end.

By the way, without this, you can not fight the last champion “Vodinoi”, so those who aim to be a keeper master must take it in the process

Ability to play an active part in walking Lofty mount

The most convenient power is this Lofty mount.

There is no place where you can not walk without this, but since you can move at high speed and jump long distances, you can jump on a high foothold while receiving monsters, and you can proceed with a stroll.

This is a unique ability of Champion Griffenix so far, and you can fight in the back of the magma mine after clearing the story.


There is a road that cannot be passed without the ability to “float rocks” on the way.


It was a list of monster abilities like this

Except for the rare abilities in the second half, most of the monsters can be procured on the spot when they are needed, so I think that there is almost no difficulty.

The NPCs around you will give you hints on what you need in the story, so please refer to that when proceeding.

That’s all for today’s introduction of “Monster Sanctuary Strategy Information Monster Abilities List”