Monster Sanctuary Strategy Information How to get a warm underwear , get champions eggs

Strategy information(EN)

Today is the strategy information of Monster Sanctuary introduced last time.

The new monster battle game "Monster Sanctuary" is quite hot!
What introduce today is.. なとり 2D Monster Battle RPG "Monster Sanctuary" ! It's a Pokemon-like game that catches monsters...

Monster Sanctuary is basically a simple game that is easy to understand, but since there is no strategy information on the net, even a little dufficulties.

That’s why I’ve summarized the points and frequently asked questions that many people may have trouble playing.

Now you can have a stress-free life in Monsan!

Who is your first companion?

There is a scene where you can choose the monster you want from 4 types at the beginning of the game

For the time being, every monster has strong attack skills and buff skills , but it seems that Eagle has a super rare ability and it is an outstanding performance.

Resurrection from Ash: Withstands one death damage during battle and recovers another 30% of HP

Rare ability that only two people have

That’s why Eagle is strong, but the first companion is a companion who always guides you during the story.

If you become a keeper master after clearing, there is a place where you can make friends with monsters other than the one you chose first, so I think it’s more fun to choose as you like

Online battles after the rank becomes a keeper lancer

This game can be played in PvP, but even if you look at the menu, there is no item like online battle

As for where you can do it, you will be able to do it at the top of the base after the player’s rank goes up to “Keeper Lancer”

(Click the image to enlarge)

This is the place on the map

I think it takes about 5-6 hours to become a keeper lancer after starting the game. If you don’t have all the monsters, you can’t battle, so even those who want PvP should be patient for a while.

PvP is a battle of 6 bodies and 6 so you need 6 animals ~

The order of actions can be changed

At the time of battle, you will take action in order from the previous monster.

This isn’t really fixed!

I didn’t even notice until I cleared it, but during the battle I can shift to the action of other monsters with the LR button on the controller.

I think there are many scenes where the order of actions is important, such as when you want to revive and recover.

In such a case, let’s command as intended using the shift of the monster that does this action

I don’t know where to go right after the game starts

Monster Sanctuary is a 2D scroll and there is no such thing as a world map. You can go up, down, left and right, so it’s easy to get lost at first.

There is a map like the one in the figure, but it’s a little difficult to understand.

I was a little frustrated because I didn’t know where to go after I left the teacher who gave me the tutorial at first, but if I kept going to the right, I could reach the city.

In terms of the map image, if you move from this master’s house to the orange area on the right, there is a fort, so let’s aim for that

“Warm underwear” dive in cold water

When you go to the ice stage, there will be areas that cannot be reached by ice water.

I have to ask my grandmother to make “warm underwear” to go through the area, but the expression “give me this material” is a little vague.

I thought that I should take a walk because I said “Treasure chests are gonyo gonyo” and “A lot of them have fallen around”, but this is a monster drop item.

This Minotaur-like monster nearby will drop this item with a rare drop

There are other monsters that drop this item, but since this is the only Minotaur around here, let’s defeat this monster in a row for the time being.

Rare drops often drop when you get a high score, so do your best to reduce the damage taken in about 3 turns .

I want to make a boss monster a friend

It is a boss monster that appears in the middle of the story, but you can also make friends with other monsters as well.

After defeating it once, you will be able to fight at any time in the challenge room of the base tower. And if you get a high score in that battle, you can get eggs


Here on the map

You can get the egg of the boss monster when the battle score exceeds 10,000 points (takes 5 stars).


Of course, it will be a more difficult battle than fighting normal monsters, but many boss monsters have strong skills, so if your allies become stronger, let’s try it.

Battle with strong enemies is fun! It’s also an element of Monsan’s replay!

By the way, my favorite is this Ashura

It looks cool, and if you do a dark shift, you will be able to have two weapons, so it is highly recommended.

Defeat 24 champions to become keeper masters

To become the highest ranked keeper master as a keeper, you need to have all 24 champions.

It’s quite difficult, but you don’t have to get 5 stars or make friends, so if you proceed for the time being, you can become a keeper master.

And when you become a keeper master, you will be able to go to a special area with 4 types of familiars, and you can join other familiars other than the first one you chose.


With this feeling, today I introduced the strategy information of Monster Sanctuary.

Even a simple game can be a bit tough if you don’t have a capture site.

Also, if you notice something that players are likely to continue, I would like to summarize it here

Next time, I will introduce a list of monster abilities

That’s all for today ‘s introduction of “Monster Sanctuary strategy information, where you might trip over at first glance”