VALHEIM How to improve Workbench’s Station Level, Build Smelter, Get Fine Wood


The crafting and Viking game “VALHEIM” is now popular, but you can create more items by raising the equipment level of the workbench.

The conditions for raising the equipment level were unexpectedly difficult to understand, so I will introduce them here.


To summarize briefly, it looks like this

・ Equipment level 1 to 2 “Chopping block” added
・ Equipment level 2 to 3 “Tanning rack” added
・ equipment level 3 to 4 “Adze” added

As the equipment level goes up, not only will more things be made, but the upper limit for updating conventional tools will also be released, so I would like to raise it as soon as possible.

Then, I will introduce the details of each creation procedure in order.

Raise the Station level from 1 to 2. Creating a Chopping block

Create a Chopping block raise the installation level from 1 to 2

Cutting bench of the material ” wood 10, flint 10″ is

How to find a flint

A lot of flint has fallen on the waterside of the meadow


Suddenly is just a stone to see but this whitish stone flint is

If you run along the water, you will soon get 10

Raise the installation level from 2 to 3. Creating a Tanning rack

Create a Tanning rack to raise the installation level from 2 to 3

The material of the leather tanning table is “10 wood, 15 flint, 20 pieces of leather, 5 deer leather “.

Wood and flint are the same as last time, the latter can be obtained by defeating animals

You can get a piece of leather by defeating Boar and deer leather by defeating Deer .

It’s a little difficult because there are many, but let’s run around and hunt animals

Raise the installation level from 3 to 4. Creating a Adze

Create a Adze to raise the installation level from 3 to 4

Adze of the material is “fine wood 10, bronze 3 + smithy” is

Each one has to take some steps to get it, which makes it much more difficult.


Let’s take a look step by step

How to make copper and bronze

From this time, copper and bronze materials will be required.

For copper, it is necessary to make a melting Smelter to melt copper ore and tin ore.

 Collecting “Surtling core” to make a melting furnace

You will need this “Surtling Core” to create a Smelter, which is available in a dungeon. 

When you stroll through the Black Forest, you will find something like a cave like this.


This is the entrance to the dungeon

There are monsters in the dungeon that are a little stronger than the field, and there are treasure chests here and there.

If you go deeper, you will find the core of the slit ring, so let’s collect it.

Create a melting pot when you have 5 “Surtling Core”

Collecting copper and tin

Copper and tin ores can be found in the Black Forest

The copper veins are quite huge and can be found all over the Black Forest like this, like ordinary rocks.

It looks like a stone, but it is more brilliant than a stone.

Tin veins exist along the coast in the form of small rocks

It’s harder to find than a copper vein, but I think you’ll find it as soon as you run along the coast of the Black Forest.

Let’s collect ore like this

How to make bronze-Steelmaking-

Let’s make the obtained ore iron

Ore is made by putting it in a Smelter with charcoal.

How to get charcoal

Charcoal can be obtained by baking wood in this “Charcoal kiln” , but you can also secure it by baking the meat until it is charred .

Creating a charcoal kiln also requires a “Surtling Core”, so if you have enough, create a charcoal kiln, otherwise burn the meat instead.

You can make copper by melting copper ore, tin by melting tin ore, and bronze by combining the two in a smithy.


It’s the beginning of the bronze era!

And we will move on to collecting the final material “high quality wood”

How to collect Fine wood

The last “Fine wood” is

Good quality trees can be obtained by defeating trees such as birch and oak, but those trees cannot be destroyed with a stone ax.

You can cut these hard trees by making a “bronze ax” with the bronze you got earlier.

Now you can safely collect all the materials and create a hatchet.

The Fine wood is important

This fine wood is also used as a material to make a “fine bow”

Very powerful as the arrow flies straight compared to a crude bow


This beautiful trajectory


Let’s increase the number of materials that can be handled while raising the level of the workbench like this

When you get copper, the range of crafts will expand at once , and you will be able to make ” trolleys” for carrying luggage, “hoes” for making fields, and “large pots” for cooking .

We recommend you to create it as soon as possible because the game will be quite fun.

Today, we introduced “How to improve Workbench’s Station Level, Build Smelter, Get Fine Wood” .

I would like to send you VALHEIM strategy information again.