Home delivery drive battle game! “Drive Buy” New Gameplay Report


Today is the introduction of the new game after a long absence

April 1st Car racing multi-game “Drive Buy” has been released

It seems that they are competing to send packets and competing for piggy banks …


It look interesting!

So I gathered four friends and tried it!

Drive Buy Basic Information

Sale Steam
price 2500 Yen
Multiplayer 1 to 4 people
Controller play
Remote Play Together incompatible

Recently, there are many multiplayer software that are indie like this, but the graphics are beautiful and the price is around $20.

By the way, it seems that we are planning to release it on Switch and support cross-play (those who will be released at the Japanese store are undecided)

It is designed to be relatively multi and easy to play like this

How to play a home delivery race

Drive Buy has three game modes, but let’s take a look at a typical delivery battle.

Car selection

First is character selection

So far, there are 6 characters in total, and each has a car with different performance.


Depending on the car, the speed may be faster or the amount of luggage that can be loaded may differ!


In addition, each car can be customized with body color, tires, smoke, etc.

One of the characteristics of Drive Buy cars is that there are many cute cars with such square and pop colors.


This design sense is good ~

Collect your luggage and deliver it to your customers!

When the game starts, first collect the luggage in the square!

And deliver it to the customer waiting for the baggage!

You will get money for each package you deliver


Everyone is competing for this amount of money earned.

Lots of attack items!

And … Drive Buy gets hot from here …


You can steal the money of other players with attack items.

To a magnet that sucks money

Missile attack to explode a car

Ice beam to be pickled in ice, etc.

It’s hot to interfere with other players and steal money with this item!


There are many one-shot reversals

Piggy bank is also recommended

The rules of the piggy bank are even stronger, only one player with a piggy bank will continue to earn coins.

A fierce battle will take place as all players will be gathered in one place.


I like this rule the most


Like this, Drive Buy was an “Easy and Casual game that you can play with your friends” as you imagined.

It’s an indie game that has just been released, so there are still three stages, and I can’t play team battles or anything so elaborate, but it was a pretty interesting game.

Recommended for those who want to have fun without thinking about difficult rules or how to win.

If you are interested, please check Drive Buy.

That ‘s all for today ‘s introduction of “Delivery Drive Battle! Drive Buy!”