The new monster battle game “Monster Sanctuary” is quite hot!


What introduce today is..

2D Monster Battle RPG “Monster Sanctuary” !

It’s a Pokemon-like game that catches monsters and fights, but it’s very well done ~

The game is in an action style that runs around a 2D map

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The battle is a monster battle with 3 bodies!

You can join more than 100 monsters that appear

And every monster has a different combination of skills.

It looks really interesting at first glance

 Very highly rated on Steam

I tried playing with great expectations in my heart …

I’m addicted to the satisfaction that exceeds that expectation

It is a recommended work for those who like this kind of raising game

Today, let’s take a closer look at the appeal of such a “2D monster battle Monster Sanctuary” .

Game synopsis

The game starts when the main character awakens to the “monster keeper”

Choose your first companion from the four …

It’s a scene I saw somewhere. .. ..

Battle with a master uncle

If you defeat it safely, you will be told, “I recognize you as a full-fledged person! Go to town!”

In this way, the journey as the hero’s monster keeper begins.

There are monster keeper synchronization rivals in the city, and we will do the mission of the organization while competing.

Did you buy it because it looks like a monster battle or something interesting? The story was unexpectedly solid.

I’m sure the developers are the ones who really like games

After all, game scenarios are best created by gamers. .. 

Monsters can be used for adventure!

It is effective not only in monster battles but also in adventure.

Find hidden passages, catch and fly, run through floors that fall fast, move freely in the water, and increase your range of activities as you increase your friends.

Let’s explore the world with the help of monsters!

Abundant monster types & skills

And I think this is the most important place, but “Monster Sanctuary” has a lot of monster choices and various skills!

There are various types of skills in the tree, from magical skills to buffs that increase the abilities of allies, debuffs that decrease the abilities of enemies, and passive skills that increase stats and activate special abilities.

・ Phalanx that protects the entire PT and increases physical attack power

・ Ice Spear Volley that drops an ice arrow on all enemies

・ Poison cloud that poisons all enemies

The combination of skills is surprisingly good for coarse-like monsters, so the fun of choosing a monster is quite great.

And at the key point of the story, you will fight against the enemy Pokemon leader, but there you will have a round robin battle of 6 vs 6

The enemies are also quite strong, so let’s do our best to make a powerful PT!

Evolution, light system

Some monsters can evolve into different appearance abilities by using rare items

Apart from that, all monsters can be branched into two systems to get one additional ability like dark side and light side.

This is my favorite dark side wolf. Converts 10% of damage to your armor value when critical

If you use it as a critical special skill, you will become a strong monster that also serves as an offense and defense!

And this Ashura can have another weapon by dark shifting

We are proud of the top class firepower with the power of dual wield

The items to shift are very rare, but it’s fun to make your favorite monsters stronger and stronger like this.

I’m really into it!


The graphics are simple in 2D like this, but it was a masterpiece that exceeded expectations with the game system or the royal road itself.

It’s a game that has been tested in Early Access for over a year, so there are no noticeable bugs and the game balance is in place.

It’s an unknown game that I didn’t know at all until this time, but it was an unexpected discovery of a good work.

Switch, PS4 edition are released at the same time

By the way, this game can be played not only on a PC but also on SWITCH and PS 4

The price is the same and there is no difference in performance

Switch is a nice localization because there hasn’t been anything that can be done with such solo games for a long time.

At the moment, the online population is small, and matching in PvP battles is quite difficult, but it is a game that you can easily get hooked on even if you play alone, so those who like this are recommended works.

That’s all for today ‘s introduction of “2D Action & Monster Battle Monster Sanctuary”

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