Spy vs Agent battle game “SPYCITY” up to 16 players Multi-play fight


The other day, an asymmetric battle-style spy game was released.

This is my favorite “hide and seek” genre game.

The most common in this genre is “thief vs police battle” , but this game is a confrontation between bad guys such as “spy vs agent” .


Both have to move so that the police don’t get caught!

Agents have an advantage in combat, but spies can also shoot with weapons.


This style is new!

It’s my favorite asymmetrical battle game, so I immediately gathered friends and tried it!

Today , I would like to introduce such a “up to 16 spy battles! SPYCITY” .

SPYCITY overview

SPYCITY is an indie game that Ver0.1 just released in May.

It is a multiplayer game with 2 to 16 players, and the price is $2 , which is quite reasonable.

In addition to private matches, it also supports matching matches with other players in the lobby.


There are no people so far, but

State of the game

Then it’s gameplay

You can set the number of spies and agents and game rules in detail when building with a room

The number of each camp can be set completely freely, so you can balance the spy’s advantage and the agent’s advantage.

In addition, set a time such as “If you shoot a gun in front of the police, you will be caught” and start the game


As of June 2021, there is only one map


The goal of the spy is to steal all the information and escape

Since the theme list is displayed in the upper left, look for the place where the secret is hidden

Touch the desired item to start the mini game

If you clear all the themes, an escape helicopter will appear and the spy camp will win.

Spy ability

Spies have the ability to transform into other players and dash


A classic spy game ability!

Make full use of these and spy while hiding from the agent


The agent’s goal is to defeat all spies

The target site that the spy is looking for is displayed on the map, so let’s rely on it to find a suspicious person


Spies gather at this exclamation mark.

It’s hard to find spies because there are so many NPCs (computer passers-by) in the city

Tips for finding spies 1 Running player

NPCs never run, so running people = spies

If you see a character running in the city, let’s chase it with all your might

Tips for finding spies 2 Alerts after clearing the subject

When the spy clears the theme, a loud noise will be heard from that location.

There is a spy where this red sign appears!


Let’s find a spy by relying on these two

The last is a shootout

After finding the spy, the shootout begins!

Defeat spies with handguns and assault rifle firearms

As a feature of this game, the spy side can also counterattack with a gun

The agent may be defeated, and even after the spy is brought down, it can be revived by an ally within a certain period of time.

It is a feature of SPYCITY that the hand of counterattack is left even after the spy is caught.


Until now, many spy games have focused more on hiding, but this is a new work that is a bit different, such as being able to escape with a dash even after being found, and having a means to defeat in a shooting battle. did

There are still one map and some bugs in Early Access of Ver0.1, but it made me think that it might be fun to play such a game with a large number of people, so I will update it in the future. I also want to expect

At the moment, the playing population is small and it seems to be quite difficult to play with matching in the lobby, so if you do it you will gather friends, but the price is also low so if you are interested, please check the Steam store. Please

That’s all for today ‘s introduction to “Up to 16 Spy Games! SPYCITY”