Hobo: Tough Life Strategy How to use inventory, collect lost items, where is the toilet?


Homeless survival game Hobo: Tough Life officially released yesterday

It’s getting a lot of attention on Twitter from new themes, but …

As most people expect, it’s a fairly hard game with a difficulty setting.


It’s completely for enthusiasts!

It’s fun to try these new games at first sight, but it’s also quite difficult to understand the minimum information required to proceed with the game.

We picked up the important element that “If you do not know this, you may be frustrated before you realize the fun!”

Hobo basic information summary
・ Inventory ・ ・ ・ Open the item list at the camp and the box icon on the far right
・ Items at the time of death ・ ・ ・ You can buy back from Maisner near the respawn area
・ How to use the toilet ・ ・ ・・ 20 $ pay toilet or free toilet in detention center
・ Sleep at a base ・・・ Creating a Makeshift bench You will be able to sleep in a warm place

It’s really basic, but it’s hobo that I don’t even understand.

I will explain in a little more detail using the images below.

How to access your camp inventory

Items on hand are subject to weight restrictions and will be lost at the time of death, so I would like to store them somewhere.

The only storage inventory in Hobo is in the camp

How to open the inventory

When you open an item in the camp, there is a cardboard icon in the upper right

Clicking on it will open the camp inventory window in a separate window from your item

It doesn’t store as much as it looks in this image, but it can have storage that anyone can access in 20 squares.

Warehouse expansion

More equipment in the camp will increase storage.

Recommended because Private Dump is easy to create and can increase 3 squares

How to collect lost items at the time of death

If you die while playing Hobo, you will lose all items

At first I was dented that it was completely gone, but Maisner near the respawn point has recovered it.

Talk to and select “Lost and found”

You can buy back all the lost items at a low price like this

How to use the toilet Paid public toilet or free toilet in the detention center

Hobo is very particular about the toilet, and it is not easy to add to it at the beginning of the game.

There is a place in such a seal that seems to be able to poop, but this requires skill Guts that can be taken later

This public toilet can be used from the beginning

20 Crowns are taken once, so it’s a big pain at first

I can’t put it in with the smell

And this public toilet can not enter if it smells more than a certain amount, but the penalty for leaking is only the maximum odor, so if it smells so much that you can not put it in the toilet, you may leak it. not

You can use the toilet for free at the detention center where you can be caught by the police.

Creating a Makeshift bench that you want to sleep at the base

When you’re low on energy, you can sleep on the benches in the city, but all the benches are in the cold, so you’ll quickly wake up in the cold.

There is a bonfire at my base, so putting a bed near here will solve the cold bed problem.

There are several sleeping utensils, the easiest is the Makeshift bench

The materials are all simple, but it is a little difficult for Torn tires to gather.

If you see a tire, don’t disassemble it and save it.


It’s like this. Everything else can be done risk-free, but Hobo doesn’t.

If you do not know the initial inventory and the method of collecting lost items at the time of death, the game progress will be too difficult and it may be frustrating, so please be aware of that.

Next time “- such as such as Hotel President to get useful facility! ~ Leftovers” is the introduction of

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That’s all for today ‘s introduction to “Hobo’s First Strategy Tips”