DYSMANTLE How to get the launch pad key, open the fortress gate

Launch pad keys can be obtained at the house inside by opening the gate at the Link Tower in the Fortress area.

It is difficult to find the key to the difficult point “launch pad” at the end of DYSMANTLE

It is said to look for it in the fortress, but the door to the fortress is also closed.

Many people get stuck here, and many people are in trouble even in English forums.


I also had a hard time

This area can be advanced at the Link Tower

Crown Link Tower has an unusual “override lockdown” option

When you press this, the fortress gate opens.


I haven’t heard of such a system! !!

You can also find the “launch pad key” in the house right after you go inside.

Here on the map

In this way, I was able to proceed safely to the launch pad area

Preparations for launching the rocket will finally begin in the launch pad area


It’s the beginning of the final phase!

Today was the introduction of “How to get the key of DYSMANTLE launch pad, how to open the gate of Fortress” .