Hobo: Tough Life Get food at Hotel President ,work at Labor Office,and Charity


Hobo capture information following the last time

Hobo: Tough Life Strategy How to use inventory, collect lost items, where is the toilet?
Homeless survival game Hobo: Tough Life officially released yesterday Yesterday, our game left the Early Access on Steam...

It’s easy to start with dumpster diving because it’s a homeless survival game, but there are many useful facilities in the city.

For example, at this President Hotel, you will be able to get leftover food on a regular basis after completing the quest twice.


Food problems are much easier

If anything, it is more efficient to use each facility, and if you just catch garbage, it seems that you will get stuck by the time it gets cold.

Here are the top 3 facilities that I often take care of

Hobo Important Facility
・ Hotel President ・ ・ You can get leftover food
・ Labor Station ・ ・ ・ You can get work
・ Shopping street ・ ・ ・ There are many convenient shops such as general store, daily necessities store, laundry, etc.


If you take advantage of this, your Hobo life should be much easier.

Let’s look at them in order

Hotel President Get leftover food

First is the Hotel President introduced at the beginning.

The location is in the center of the city, a beautiful hotel that stands out even from a distance

You can’t enter from the front, so go to the back door

If you clear the quests for cleaning garbage and buying potatoes, you will receive 200 Crowns, and after that you will be able to receive leftover food on a regular basis.

The quest itself is delicious and you can get 200 Crowns in less than 10 minutes, so it is recommended to go as soon as you start the game.

Labor Station Get a day labor job

Next is Labor Station where you can get money

Click here for location

The building is an office building like this

Once inside, after a short conversation, you will be registered as a worker

After that, I will get work regularly, so the financial situation will be much easier.

Shopping street General store, where you can buy daily necessities, laundry

Next is a convenient store

The location is here near the starting point

You can buy construction materials at the general store, and you can buy clothes and deodorant items from medicine at the grocery store.

·General store


These two shops have most of the things you need for Hobo

And at Laundry you can clean your clothes with 80 Crown

80Crown is a big expense, but if you clean your clothes and remove the smell, the probability that passersby will respond to the conversation will increase, so I think that it is an amount that can be collected by begging.

If you use this shopping street, the survival rate will increase dramatically, so let’s make good use of it.

Charity Toilet and laundry can be used cheaply

The last is a charity where Sister offers cheap services as welfare support.


A homeless mother!

Charity location

Charity is just outside the Zizkov area
it looks just a normal house so please do your best to find it

Charity service

Charity Usage Fee
Toilet 10 Crown
Laundry 50
Shower 30
It is cheaper to use than private laundry and public toilets, but there are rules such as not being able to enter when you are very drunk.
In addition, you can buy clothes cheaply and ask for food and clothes at regular intervals.


And as a quest, you will be asked to take a “walk” to walk a certain distance with your dog.

It’s a great quest to get 60 Crowns and food just by walking around a little.

Recommended facility

If you go here, you can clean up all the status and bring food, so it is an important facility that you want to visit every day.

By the way, in Sister’s conversation, I said “I can sleep here”, but I don’t know how to sleep at the moment.

If anyone finds a way to sleep in charity, please let me know!


The above is the introduction of the equipment that is indispensable for playing Hobo.

Hobo has various statuses such as hunger, but by utilizing these three facilities

Collecting food → Collecting money → Purchasing necessary supplies in the shopping district

Rotation should solve most of the problems and boost your survival rate.

If you haven’t been there yet, please use this map to find it.

That’s all for today ‘s introduction to “Facilities you definitely want to visit in Hobo”