Among us Recommended rule settings that even beginners can easily enjoy


Among us, which is very popular as a human wolf game that anyone can play

Youtube videos are also popular, and many players who have never played a werewolf game are playing.

I am also from a friend who was playing well recently Dead by Daylight Yara Splatoon “What would be nice If you do like? I want to do Among us?” Subject to consultation with the

Many people are still worried about the wolf game elements such as “I’m afraid to lie or argue with words” and “I’m worried about fighting”.

It ’s scary to lie or argue.

Since it is a game with a human wolf element, it is impossible to completely avoid lying, but by reducing the discussions such as “arguing” and “Which is correct, Mr. A or Mr. B” in the rule setting, It is possible to reduce stress

Today , I would like to introduce such “Gentle Among us rule setting for beginners and people who are not good at wolf games” .

The basic setting is to make the human wolf side (in-poster) comfortable

The most important basic policy in setting the game so that even people who are not accustomed to the human wolf game can enjoy it is to “make it easy for people who have drawn the human wolf camp (in poster)” .

Even people who have been playing werewolf games for years basically feel pressure and stress when pulling a werewolf on the side who lie.

Let’s aim for rule setting that everyone does not think “I do not want to draw a human wolf, what to do if I get caught” even before the game starts

If the in-poster is fun, your friends will be addicted to it.

Ideally 8 people with job title disclosure

First of all, from the conclusion

・ The number of players is 8

-Turn on job title disclosure at the time of expulsion (when expulsing a player in a discussion, you can see whether the person was an in-poster or a sailor

・ Impostor’s field of view is 1.5 times (default)

I think this is the best setting that even beginners can enjoy

“I don’t have time to read all this article.”

“I don’t want to be an Among enthusiast that much.”

For those who say, please set these three settings and play the game for the time being

From here on, I’ll just explain the reason for a long time, but I will talk as a human wolf enthusiast!

8 reasons (reason)

The number of players is based on the in-poster (human wolf)

First of all, if there is only one in-poster, the burden will inevitably increase, so I would like to have two in-posters.

If you are alone, if there is an alibi in another person at the time of murder, it is already out

In that case, the number of players is 5 or more, but with 5 to 6 players, the game will end soon.

When the game is over soon, I have to fish tightly (I will explain in detail later), so I think that it is the rule setting that about 8 people who have a little margin can play most easily.

Do you have to fish tight?

I will explain about “I have to do tight fishing”

Let’s take a look at the game as an example with 6 players and 2 in-posters.

Shortly after starting the game, a corpse was found and an emergency call was triggered.

At this point there are definitely two in-posters left, so players must definitely hang in-posters here.

* If another in-poster is killed, two in-posters and two sailors will set the game by winning the in-poster.

If the number of people is a little more, there will be time until the game set

“Let’s wait and see this time (no execution)”

“I have a corpse for the time being, so I will report it.”

I will move on with such a conclusion, but in the case of this 6-player game, “I absolutely have to execute someone here”, so while there is little information, “that person is suspicious” “Why did you do this?” I have to talk about

It is a disadvantageous and painful situation for those who are not accustomed to it or who are not good at refuting.

Since 6 players often fall into this severe situation, we basically recommend playing with 7 or more players.

On the other hand, if there are 9 to 10 people, there are too many sailors who have to defeat two inposters, and if there are three inposters, the inposters will be too strong.

The number of players

7-8 people >> 9-10 people >> 5-6 people

It will be a game that is easy to play in the order of

It’s hard to gather people. .. .. You should have at least 7 people as much as possible

Part set by rules Position disclosure ON Broaden the horizons of impostors

From here on, the part to be set by the rules in the game

Among us allows players to fine-tune the rules of the game

It ’s a good game, really.

Rule setting from the computer in the lobby

The game rule settings are listed on the left when you access the lobby

It’s all in English, but if you take a closer look, it’s not that difficult, so you’ll soon get used to it.

And this rule can be changed by touching the computer in the center of the screen

Japanese translation of the rules

By the way, when each is translated into Japanese, it looks like this

It’s long so you can skip it

① Map: Map

② Impostors: 2 Number of impostors 2

③ Confirm Ejects: On There is a job title disclosure at the time of expulsion

④ Emergency Meetings: 1 Number of meetings that can be activated at the cafe 1 time

⑤ Anonymous Votes: Off Anonymous Votes Off

⑥ Discussion Time: 15s Discussion time 15 seconds

⑦ Voting Time: 120s Voting time 120 seconds

⑧ Player Speed: 1x Player speed 1x (1x)

⑨ Crewmate Vision: 1x 1x sailor’s field of view (1x)

10 Impostor vison: 1.5x Impostor field of view 1.5x (1.5x field of view of sailors)

Of these, the most important are (3) disclosure of job titles at the time of expulsion and (5) wide field of view of in-posters.

By default, these two have disclosure = ON and field of view = 1.5 times, but it is recommended to keep the default settings.

It is harder to get into a fight if there is a job title disclosure

The job title disclosure setting tells the system whether the person was an in-poster or not when the player was banished.

This is also a rule that makes in-posters difficult to do (if you lie), but this rule is overwhelmingly less stressful.

Difference between with and without job title disclosure

For example , let’s say you’re in the middle of a game and you’re talking about “whether you want to expel Mr. A or Mr. B.”

Everyone gives their opinions like “I think Mr. A is more suspicious” and ” I don’t think Mr. A is an in-poster, so I want to keep it” and make a conclusion by voting.

After that, if there is a job title disclosure, you can see which of the discussions was correct.

Feelings can be switched

With each vote, you can evaluate your own vote, “I was right at that time” and “I was wrong”, so you can switch your mind and restart the game after that.

Even if you are suspected, I will be relieved if you can expel the in-poster

On the contrary, if the position is not released, the story of whether the suspension at that time was correct or incorrect often reignites in the subsequent discussions.

The story may not be settled, or small mistakes and misunderstandings may be dragged to the end, and the game may become tiring as “I still have to talk about this?”

It’s a game where misunderstandings and misunderstandings often occur, so I think the key to making a comfortable game is the rules for opening positions that do not lead to each discussion.

No job title disclosure is for people who are really used to it ~

Let’s broaden the field of view of the impostor

And finally, the setting of the impostor field of view

The difference is that in this game the sailors don’t see the entire screen, they only appear bright within a set range.

Let’s compare the field of view of the sailor and the impostor with the default settings

On the other hand, the screen of the impostor is …

You can see clearly to the edge

In-poster is easy when the sailor’s field of view is narrow

In this game, other people often see the moment when the in-poster kills another player or the moment when it comes out of a special tool lunch box.


It’s the first place at the moment when it is confirmed as an impostor

It’s tiring to worry about this “I think you’re looking near someone” in the in-poster, so by narrowing the sailor’s field of view, the in-poster people can enjoy the assassination activity freely. Become

Here is the screen of everyone when playing with a fairly narrow field of view at 0.5x

If the field of view is narrowed, beginners can easily get lost, but in-poster people are quite relieved.

I don’t mind the default, but if you want to make it easier for beginners to play, try reducing the sailor’s field of view to less than 1x.


With this kind of feeling, set the number of people based on how easy it is to play even with in-posters, and set rules with the feeling of “disclosure of job titles to simplify discussions” and “narrow view to make it easier for in-poster people to work”. I think that it will be a game that even beginners can easily play if you do

After that, you may set and adjust the rules (local rules) in your own circle, such as how far the group behavior in the game should be.

Every time I play a wolf game, I set my rules with my friends

I think that it is the real pleasure of a human wolf game to create rules that both camps can enjoy, so please try to find a game that suits you by adopting my rules for details.

That’s all for today ‘s introduction of “Among us recommended rule settings that even beginners can easily play” .

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