DYSMANTLE get a lot of iron by breaking the fence of the graveyard with a bat

For early iron gathering, it is efficient to strengthen the bat and break the fence of the tomb.

Craft & Zombie Survival “DYSMANTLE” uses a lot of iron during the game

Especially when you start crafting with “steel” , the consumption will be enormous.

You need 12 scrap irons to make one iron, and 8 irons to make steel.

It would be a lot of work to manage all this by collecting scrap iron.


I did this at first and was almost frustrated

Fence destruction using a bat plays an active role there.

The bat can destroy hard blocks such as fences with the same hit judgment as the initial equipment crowbar.


If it’s a machete, it will be played

Take this bat and break the spiky fences in graveyards and some mansions.

This fence drops 2 irons in 1 block, so you can collect iron.

It is very efficient because the iron itself collects, not the scrap iron.

If you strengthen the bad to +4, you will be able to break the more efficient “wooden utility pole” .

The materials required for strengthening are all simple materials such as stone and iron, so it is highly recommended.


Let’s give priority to the bat and strengthen it in the early stages!

How to get stones

Stones can be obtained by destroying the smaller stones that have fallen around

You can also get it by destroying the tombstone, so if you can’t find the rock, go to the tomb.


The graveyard is useful at the beginning!

Destroy utility poles when bad +4

When the bad becomes +4, you will be able to break the wooden utility pole.

It is a powerful ally for collecting materials in the middle stage because it drops one steel with one utility pole.

Utility poles are scattered on the field, so let’s break the utility poles while running around and finish the upgrade using steel in the middle stage.


With this kind of feeling, iron resources from the beginning to the middle stage will be much easier by making a bad and destroying the fence of the grave, and destroying the utility pole with the up blade.

Steel can be made from iron, but since we use more than 100 iron in the defense mode during the game, we want to keep it as a stock without consuming it as much as possible.


It’s really tough when the defense mode starts with 0 iron.

The next most powerful tool after the bad is the sledgehammer. With a sledge hammer you will be able to destroy the car


The one I’ve always wanted to break ~

To get it, you need to take several steps such as preparing “wood” and “gas mask” .

I will introduce it in this next article

More than today “DYSMANTLE beginning-middle of iron materials collected broke the fence of the grave using a bat is easy!” Was the introduction of