DYSMANTLE How to get sledge hammer, gas mask, get planks

A sledge hammer that can also destroy cars unlocks recipes by clearing the central area

DYSMANTLE powerful destruction tool of the end is here. “Sledge hammer” is

If you have a sledge hammer, you will be able to destroy the car

Since one unit drops multiple steels, there is no need to break utility poles anymore.

Sledge Hammer will unlock recipes with quests in the “Central” area

This urban field is a difficult map with many powerful monsters.

And you need a “gas mask” to walk around this area, and you need “wood” to get a gas mask .


It’s a lot of work because of the strong equipment …

It will be a long trip, but let’s take a look at it in order.

How to get a gas mask

A gas mask is a required equipment to enter the area after the middle stage.

Recipes will be released by clearing the scenarios in the “Serpents Crossing” area.

The quest itself is simple and easy to understand, but it takes a lot of time including movement.

Go through the map and defeat the boss “Old Royal Champion” in the back of the dungeon at the bottom right.

If you go a little further, the gas mask recipe will be released by clearing the quest.

And from this area there will be a bridge to repair with wood

How to get a sawmill

Wood can be obtained by processing wood with a “saw saw” .


Wood seems easy to make, but you need a machine

Sawmill saws are placed on Kleb wood in the Hypernus area

If you complete the wood processing quest locally, you will learn the design recipe of the saw saw and you can install it anywhere.

Kleb wood can be accessed from a relatively early stage as it can be accessed if the gate to the west of Fairwood is open.

It is possible not only to make wood from wood, but also to make wood from waste wood.

It is a facility that can be easily released and has many effects, so we recommend opening it early.


You can get the DYSMANTLE’s most important item, the sledge hammer, by going from “wood” to “gas mask” like this.

If you have a sledge hammer, you can break some concrete systems and invade the building.

It’s a long way to get it, but the return is oversized, so if you have time in the middle, I definitely want you to try to get a sledge hammer.


I’m also happy to be able to break the car that blocked the road ~

That’s all for today ‘s introduction of “Procedures for obtaining sledge hammers, gas masks, and preparation of wood” .