Play hide-and-seek with up to 16 players! “Peekaboo”


Today I would like to introduce …

Hide-and-seek game “Peekaboo” that can be played by up to 16 people

You can transform into your favorite thing in the field where many things can be rolled and said

I wonder if it will come out. .. Pounding

The chasing player hunter is running around and shooting suspicious things with guns.


It ’s such a simple hide-and-seek game.

I like simulation games that are quite complicated, but these simple games are the best way to play with friends.

The price is usually 500 yen, and at the Halloween sale at the end of October, it is a very easy game as it may be discounted to 54 yen.

Today , I would like to touch on such “the charm of the hide-and-seek game Peekaboo” .

Peekaboo Game Overview

hard PC (Steam)
price 499 yen
development of Redaster Studio
Number of players 2-16 players online match
Remote Play Together incompatible

An indie online matchup game for sale on Steam

It seems that a smartphone version is also under development, but currently it will be played only on Steam

You can play alone

Although it is an indie game, it also supports Japanese well …

There is also a matching function by the server!

The number of players is not large, but at the moment there are open rooms (unlocked rooms), so it seems that it is not depopulated for a minor game.

Even people who don’t have friends can play!

All 15 abundant stages

At Peekaboo, the atmosphere changes dramatically for each stage, such as the field and the things that are placed.

The big city map “City” transforms into a trash can, a traffic cone, a hot dog stall, etc. in a cityscape like New York

In the Japanese-style map “Japan”, you can transform into vegetables and fruits sold at street stalls and vases and tubs placed behind the house.

In addition, you can play with all 15 types such as “SciFi” in the near future and “Kingdom” on the castle map.


The price of the software was low, so I thought it was a bit like a mini game, but it was a large volume game that far exceeded my imagination.

It’s much better than I imagined

Game system

The game starts with a small camp (hidden side) and a hunter (chasing side)

The accessory camp can approach your favorite thing on the field and transform it into that thing by pressing the “2” button.

After that, the search time on the hunter side will start, so let’s hold your breath until the end of the game

Skill use & escape

Small camps can still use their skills to escape or transform into something else after hiding

Scene ①

A lot of hunters gathered where I was hiding in a pumpkin

This is dangerous …!

Activate the smoke ball and escape!

It’s hide-and-seek, but you can use your skills like this or run and run away.

The appearance of running with small items is also cute

Death when HP reaches 0

And an example of not being able to escape from a hunter

Small items have hit points and will die if they are shot by a hunter until they reach zero.

The deceased player joins the hunter camp and begins looking for the remaining accessory camp.

Hunters rely on temperature gauges and sonar

The hunter camp relies on temperature sensors such as “hot” and “cold” in the upper right corner of the screen.

When in the “cool” state, no one is hiding nearby, and people are hiding so close that the expressions “hot” and “hot” become hotter.

Use of sonar

Press “1” to activate the skill “Sonar” from your body. If a circular wave is generated from your body and there is a person hiding within that range, a sound will tell you.

Let’s search for small camps by relying on temperature sensor and sonar skill information

If you can find all the small camps within the time limit, the hunter wins, and if you can hide until the time runs out, the small camp wins.


A simple game!

Summary Good for everyone to play casually

The hide-and-seek game Peekaboo was a light game as expected.

I gathered 7 friends and played with them, and they all enjoyed playing with the feeling of “fun and fun!”

Since the game can be started by any number of 2 to 16 people, the number of players is wide, and it was a game that you can play casually so that people can join later while playing with 4 people for the time being.

I always feel tired if I only play games that are apt, so I felt that the existence of such a game that the game rules are simple and easy to play is valuable.

It’s not an enthusiasm that makes you want to play every day, but it’s like “a game that anyone can enjoy , no matter who plays it . 

If you want to play a different game today, please check out the hide-and-seek game Peekaboo.

Great chance at sale

That’s all for today’s introduction of “Up to 16 Hide and Seek Peekaboo”

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