Zombie defense & human wolf game “Bitten” Even cross play with iOS and Android!


Today is the introduction of the new Werewolf game!


There are various human wolf games coming out these days ~

This game is  “human wolves & protecting the base from the attack of the zombie 

There are very few works with battle elements in the Werewolf game, so it is a very nice new work as a Werewolf player.

The price is 310 yen for the PC version (steam), and the smartphone version is free and cross-play compatible and easy to play.


I have to do this!

That’s why I gathered friends and tried it, so today I would like to introduce such a new wolf game “Zombie Base Defense & Action Werewolf Game! Bitten”

Bitten basic information

price 310 yen (steam)
Number of players 4-10 people
Controller support None

You can play with 4 to 10 people, which is the same as the major human wolf game. It is possible to set 2 Bitten only when there is basically 1 human wolf and 7 to 8 players.

Bitten is quite competitive, so it’s a good idea to have at least 6 players.


Survivors will be killed crisply

Although it does not support Japanese, there are few scenes to read characters during the game, so it is OK if you can read the characters in the menu

In-game VC installed

And as I mentioned at the beginning, the smartphone version supports cross-play for free.

It is equipped with a voice chat function that allows you to exchange voices in the game, so you can exchange beautiful voices even during cross-play.

The volume can be adjusted individually, and there is a lot of power around the VC.


I was impressed that you can do such a beautiful VC with your smartphone and PC.

The game is offensive and defensive to protect the base

In Bitten, a group of zombies regularly attack the player’s base

If the shelter receives a certain amount of damage and the engagement on the upper left becomes 0, the survivor will lose, so promptly eliminate the zombies and repair the wall.

Defeat zombies and get weapons

Defeating zombies will drop weapons and items that restore HP.

Melee weapon machete, ranged weapon revolver, magic attack fireball, etc. are available


Fireballs are pretty powerful!

When you get a powerful weapon and defeat a lot of zombies, there is an exhilaration that other Werewolf games do not have.

Find a scanner and expel Bitten

Picking up a scanner in the woods outside the shelter will help determine if the survivor is Bitten after a period of charging.

Find Bitten on your scanner, or if you find a suspicious player who doesn’t help you get rid of zombies, call for a vote and ban them.


Eliminate Bitten and you’re a survivor!

Bitten (human wolf) collects gauges and attacks players!

Bitten can transform into a zombie at any time while having the same human body as the player

The zombies transformed by Bitten are different from the weak zombies that sprout a lot, and have the property of killing the player with one shot while moving at high speed.

You have to wait for the gauge at the bottom left of the screen to accumulate to kill the player, but Bitten’s fighting ability is still quite high

And the survivor killed by Bitten will return to the game as a zombie

Bitten wins if you reduce the number of survivors until the number of remaining survivors and the number of Bitten are the same.

If Bitten wins, the survivor who was turned into a zombie will also see the VICTORY screen, so it seems to be treated as a werewolf camp.

Short clip

The Bitten play video has been made into a short clip, so if you are interested in the situation, please take a look at this mini video.


Like this, Bitten was a wolf game where you can enjoy hitting zombies.

・ You have to go far to find a scanner, but you also have to protect the shelter.
・ You want to move as hard as possible, but zombies attack from various directions, so you have to fall apart.

It was fun that I couldn’t go straight


It was well done as a human wolf game

The game system is pretty simple

It’s an indie game from a small company, so the game system is very simple, and the meaningful buildings in the game have no special features.

There is no such thing as repair tasks or surveillance camera functions in the popular Werewolf games “Project Winter” and “Among us”, so it will be a simple battle, but there is great potential in the zombie defense werewolf genre. I felt


I think it would be a god game if it had more functions.

Even so, there is still the fun of playing with a new werewolf, so if you are always playing a werewolf game with your friends, try changing your mood with Bitten.


The smartphone version is free, so please give it a try.

That ‘s all for today ‘s introduction of “The new wolf game is a zombie defense! Bitten”