Hobo: Tough Life Powerful Park , Guts Tony, Engineer Monty, Troll Nugget


Hobo: In Tough Life, in addition to basic abilities, there are parks that can be opened by being taught by homeless people in the city.

You need to find out who will tell you which park while recommending the game.

Powerful Parks in Hobo
Guts by Tony :You will be able to perform actions that require Guts (
Engineer by Monty: electric products can be made
Troll by Nugget  :more conversation options

Each is a powerful park that is indispensable for the progress of the game, but it is difficult to know who will tell you where.

I will introduce such ” Hobo: Powerful park & locations”

* There is an unverified part regarding the effect

Guts Tony

Park Guts, probably all players are looking for

With this, you will be able to defecate with the toilet icon in the city

The one that has been around since the game started but can’t be used for a long time!

Tony’s position

Tony, who teaches Guts, lives around the east side of the initial base.


If you clear the quest issued by Tony, you will be able to enter the base, and you will be taught Guts by raising a certain number of Trusts from there.

With Guts, you can defecate at the toilet icon in the city like this


You can poop many times for free!

It is a high priority park because it seems to be used for other actions that require momentum

Engineer Monty

Next is the Engineer needed to craft electrical appliances

This can be learned from Monty on the south side of the map

The conditions for teaching Engineers are not clear, but I was able to learn them when I cleared the repair quests for 5 appliances.

Monty also sells scrap and repair materials

Broken appliances such as kettles and headphones can be expensive if you fix them with an engineer and sell them.

Troll Nugget

Next is Troll, which allows you to choose an advantageous option during conversation.

This is taught by Nugget, who lives in the cardboard box behind the Hotel President.


Nugget does not issue quests compared to the other two, so let’s actively use Chat

Cooking recipe Faster

The last is Faster, which teaches cooking recipes.

This is not a park, but it is an excellent skill for cooking food efficiently.

Grub is excellent

This Grub is a typical example. You can make good food that restores 30 Food and 10 Health with scrap food and rolls.


Luxury food status!

Eating scrap food as it is will increase your addiction level, but with the Gurb you don’t have to worry about that.

Faster position

Faster is at the top left corner of the map near the initial camp

You can always give Trust by giving Raw meat or Food bag, so give priority to Food items until you learn Grub.


By learning the above perks, you will be able to select more actions and create powerful items.


The game progress will be much easier!

And since all of these parks require high Trust values, you need to be aware of their trust relationships with their NPCs.

Tips for raising Trust

Trust can be raised by clearing the quest, but it is also quick to talk to Chat and give miscellaneous goods.

Since the events that raise what will occur are random, it will be nice to go around the homeless friends with all the miscellaneous goods such as cigarettes and bandages and alcohol such as beer and rum.


Especially the demand rate of cigarettes is high so let’s have it

It is convenient to have all kinds of cigarettes such as beautiful cigarettes and cigarettes like this.

That’s all for today’s theme ” Hobo:Tough Life powerful Park, Guts is Tony, Engineer is Monty, Troll will Osowaro from Nuget”