Easy strategy game “the Battle of Polytopia” Multiplayer for up to 12 players!


Have you ever played a strategy game?

It’s like a board game where you control soldiers and fight against other countries like this.

It’s a lot of fun to start this type of game once, but it’s difficult to remember the rules, and the “high play hurdle” that it takes a lot of time to play one game is a bottleneck.


I wish I had a strategy game that was easy to play. .. ..

When I was looking around like that, I found a work called “the Battle of Polytopia” that was quite light.

Features of “the Battle of Polytopia”
・ Cute graphics
・ Simple game rules
・ 1 game takes about 30 minutes

It makes it easier to play with beginners, isn’t it?

It’s exactly what I was looking for, so when I gathered my friends and tried it with four people, I was excited by the light strategy game I expected .

That’s why today I would like to introduce “the charm of a simple strategy game the Battle of Polytopia” .

Smartphone and solo play

This time, we are introducing multiplayer with friends as the main theme, but The Battle of Polytopia can also be played on smartphones.

Not only multiplayer but also one CPU battle is interesting, so please take a look at smartphones and solo gamers as well.

Game details

 The Steam version was just officially released in August 2020, but the smartphone version seems to have been out for over three years.

A game played by quite a few users around the world, with over 5 million DLs recorded in the Google Store


It looks like a famous game in a foreign country!

The smartphone version is free to play. It is a billing system where you have to buy a paid tribe only when you play online, so you can play for free for the time being .

PC version 1520 yen All 12 basic tribes can be used * Online battle possible
mobile version free 4 tribes available You need to buy one paid tribe for online battles
* Some tribes that appeared in the additional DLC need to purchase the PC version separately.

Currently, you cannot play with your smartphone and PC (cross-play is not supported).

A wide range of players ”& There is a smartphone version & the price of the software is low , so it is quite easy to play.


Great for anyone who wants to play a new game with their friends

How to play the game

Tribe selection

In t he Battle of Polytopia, first choose a camp

The difference between the camps is that the technology they have from the beginning is different, and the appearance of the unit, the graphic of the land, and the BGM are different.

Translated by: Shinshi – Surrounded by beautiful cherry blossoms. Start with climbing skills

It’s fun because the atmosphere changes quite a bit depending on whether it’s tropical or Japanese.

The technique can be taken even after the game starts, so you can choose it according to your taste.

Game Start

When the game starts, summon units to stroll around and collect food to increase the country’s population.

If you find a new village, occupy it and expand your territory

As the number of villages you control increases or the population of that village increases, the number of stars (action points) earned each turn increases, and the tribe becomes stronger and stronger.


I’m expanding like this ~

the study

A strategic competition in this game is the opening of a research skill tree that will allow you to build new buildings and summon strong units.


The one you often see in games

You can unlock any tech by consuming your stars

Game bargaining is done by how to use this star

Focus on money  — Use it to increase the population and increase the number of acquisitions
Focus on the military – Use it to call soldiers and expand the territory quickly
Focus on technology – Use it to advance research Get more powerful technology

It’s fun to decide whether to prioritize this population, military power, or technological power depending on the person.

You can see various patterns such as some people who expand their army quickly in multiplayer battles, some people hide and invade a lot of weapons that can attack at a long distance, and some people kidnap the place where they are fighting from the side.

It’s a game that has a one-shot reversal, so it’s a good game where anyone has a chance to win.

3 powerful units that divide the victory and defeat

At the end of the research tree are three powerful units of different types.


Can make stone-throwing attacks that do fairly powerful damage over long distances

You can attack up to 3 squares of maximum range in this game, and depending on the opponent unit, it will disappear with a single blow

It is an indispensable unit that is effective for both offensive and defensive as it can not be approached if it is lined up on the beach


It can move over a wide area and has high attack power. If the attacking opponent dies, it has a special ability to continuously attack the next adjacent unit.


Defeated 8 enemies in one turn and occupied the city

Other units are overwhelmingly destructive because once they attack, they are at the end of the turn.

Mind blender

You can recover allies around you and draw enemy units into your army.

* In this scene, the attacked blue shield soldier is converted to yellow.

Conversion is 100% successful, but it is a difficult profession to master because it is often knocked down before approaching with a weak mind breaker.

Different tastes!

These powerful units require a lot of stars to get, so one of them will be the priority.

The type of army changes drastically depending on which unit is prioritized, such as taking a catapult and blaming it with overwhelming firepower, taking a knight and reversing one shot.


I’m an overwhelming night sect!

Add unique races with DLC!

You can also unlock additional tribes with unique units by buying additional DLC for a fee.

There are many powerful units such as unicorns that give the power of the forest to allies and fish people who move by freezing water.


Blow fire with a dragon and lots of fun units

Non-real-time battles are also possible

One of the features of these games these days is the battle format, which does not play at the same time.

It is a way of playing that you play your turn when it is convenient for you to drop the game, and when you have time, you can launch the game and advance the next turn.

Even in this game, one person’s guitar can be set to a maximum of one week, so you can play the game as if you were exchanging emails.


 It’s good to fight hard while using voice chat in countermeasure games like Dead by Daylight or Apex, but there are times when you get tired.

In such a case, I think that the range of the game will expand if there is a way of playing like this game that does not match the time like this.


It’s fun to play against each other!

If you want to play a different game than usual, please check out The Battle of Polytopia.

That’s all for today ‘s introduction to “Let’s play a simple strategy game! The Battle of Polytopia”