CRYOFALL Questions How to collect rubber, how to get salt, where is coal? Pragmium pillar


Craft survival game CRYFOALL officially released the other day

It’s attractive that you have a lot of freedom from hunting to building and robot manufacturing, but there are many things you don’t understand when you play.

There seems to be some players who are often frustrated because there is not much information on the net

Today , I would like to introduce such “Frequently Asked Questions and Answers that are difficult to understand with CRYO FALL” .

How to collect rubber

First of all, the problem “how to collect rubber” that almost everyone, including CRYO FALL, is at a loss .


This question is asked once every 3 hours even in in-game chat

Rubber can be obtained by cutting this tree

When you cut a rubber tree, you can remove the natural rubber and process it into rubber on a chemical workbench.

Rubber is used a lot in mid-to-late crafts, so it’s a good idea to collect it if you see it.

This rubber tree grows only in warm meadow areas, so look for warm meadow areas if you are in the desert or forest.

How to plant trees

As you play the game, you may see houses with regular rows of rubber and other trees.

These use seedlings that are randomly obtained when cutting trees

Since the acquisition of seedlings is random with a low probability, it is only effective to decorate the surroundings of the house, and it is not possible to increase the number of trees with seedlings like Minecraft.


Let’s collect materials steadily

Obtaining food seeds

This is also a frequently asked question in the game, “How to get crop seeds” .

Seeds used for agriculture are obtained with a low probability when weeds are removed.

Unlike tree seedlings, you can increase the number of crops that you have created with your agricultural skills.

Besides, you can get it from the box of the ruins with a reasonable establishment.

Rice and wheat seeds are hard to come by, so it’s a good idea to buy seeds sold by other players from a vending machine or find someone to chat with.

Obtaining salt

Salt used for cooking and crafting is made from seawater

The location of the sea is around F8 and H4 on the map

Take an empty bottle and draw water in the sea and salt it in an electric kitchen or a kamado.

There is rock salt in the desert area and it is possible to dig only salt directly, but it is difficult to move, so it is recommended to make it from seawater at the beginning.

Obtaining coal

Coal used for fuel and plastic synthesis is only available in some mountains

It doesn’t occur in warm plain areas, so it’s a good idea to go to the forest or desert biomes.

Coal is fuel efficient and is ideal for long-lasting steam power generation.

How to get the plugmium

Rare resource plugmium required for crafting can be obtained by digging pillars of plugmium in some event rewards and deserts.



Pragmium is an important item that is also used to make vehicles

The pillar of the plugmium looks scary with a bomb

Pragmium pillars in the desert will explode when broken

If you break it with a pickaxe, you will be 100% involved in the explosion and you will die, so let’s break it with a bomb


 Escape with all your might after installing the bomb

If you destroy it, small lumps will be scattered, so let’s collect it

You can take around 20 plugmiums from one pillar.

The range of the explosion is quite large, and in this image you can see that the rocks on the edge of the screen are also broken.

You may be worried about how it will break, but if you get closer, you will be involved in an explosion, so let’s move away with all your might at first.


 Everyone is dead once

This pragmium pillar is also in the lava area, but it is recommended to collect it in the desert as the enemy monsters are quite strong.

How to get to the remote islands of J-4

There is an island around Map J-4, but the road leading to it is divided.

I got a “random teleporter position release item” from the ruins treasure chest and used it to get to this island.

By default, this island has archaeological monsters and is difficult, but it has a lot of salt resources.

It seems that there are quite a few people who can access it, and event monsters remain here and there.

It ’s very delicious because you can monopolize if an event occurs with access to this island.

Obtaining unrefined K-Night

Event monsters will drop the Kay Knight used in the latter half of the craft, and monsters with genetic abnormalities will drop the unrefined Kay Knight, which is a lower material.

Compared to the event boss, it is easier to defeat, so if you get the K-Night collection kit, let’s defeat it aggressively


When I was playing CRYOFALL like this and it was difficult to understand, I tried to summarize the places that many people wonder.

As I mentioned at the beginning, there are many cases where you can ask questions in “Global Chat” that you did not understand in the game.

Even if you ask a question in Japanese, the answer will be returned with high probability, so if you have a problem, please use World Chat.

It’s a game with very little information, so I’d be happy if you could tell me if there is any influential material other than the information written here.

That’s all for today ‘s introduction of “CRYOFALL  Questions: How to Collect Rubber, How to Obtain Salt, etc.”