Friday The 13th is no longer officially available on the server! You can continue to play with P2P

Friday The 13th ended the provision of a dedicated server in November 2020, but you can continue to play with the communication P2P system between players

Jason’s Horror Game Friday The 13th


It’s a more interesting horror game for me than Dead by daylight!

When I looked up the information on the net to play for the first time in a long time, information such as “Official server discontinuation” and “End of service” was hit.


The service has ended! ??

When I wondered, “Isn’t it possible to play anymore !?” , the end of service was a complete false alarm and the communication method during the game changed.

Communication by the conventional dedicated server ends

Here is the official announcement information

Translation: We will discontinue the provision of the conventional dedicated server and adopt the P2P system.

From now on, it is written that the game service will be continued with the P2P communication system between players.


Hmm, I can continue to play …

P2P system is a common communication method

Some people may feel uneasy when it comes to communication between players, but this is a widely used communication method, and Dead by daylight also used this P2P method until last year.

It is possible to take “reduction and stability of communication lag” and “stronger fraud countermeasures” by communicating with the official server, but the server maintenance cost will be increased accordingly.

It seems that the operation has ended the provision of the official server in order to maintain the depopulated Friday the 13th.


This is all I can do …

I actually played it, but there is no problem

I’ve played it twice since Friday the 13th replaced this P2P system, but it didn’t really affect the actual gameplay.


I was able to play in the same way!

The problem is that when the host exits the game in progress, everyone’s game ends at that point. However, since it is a phenomenon that occurs rarely, it seems that Jason is the host in principle to deal with it.


The best horror game like this Friday the 13th is still playable as of 2021

There are some places on the net that say “Service is over!”, So you have to be careful about such false alarms.


I guess I misunderstood because I didn’t understand the difference between communication systems.

It’s still a depopulated game, but when you make a room, a couple of people will immediately enter the game, so you can still play including stray matches.

August 2021 26 players 415

Even if you look at the average playing population, an average of 300 to 400 people are playing each day, so it is comparable to 2020 and 2019.


I don’t feel that matching is slower than before.

It’s a really good masterpiece horror game, although I’d like to play it with some friends because it’s difficult to work together if it’s completely stray. If you have a chance to start from now on, please try it.

Today more than “Friday The 13th is terminate the provision of official server! You can still play with P2P” was the introduction of